I hope everybody is staying safe, sheltered in place, stocked with essentials, and healthy during these absolutely chaotic, tough, terrifying times.

The numbers of infections here in Japan are going up and down,
and it is hardly predictable how it will look like in the next few weeks or even in the next few months.

I guess we all are experiencing a lot of stress, dealing not only with this pandemic but also with personal difficulties and problems at work.

The WHO recently published a stress management guide 
Doing What Matters in Times of Stress 
to help us coping with adversity.

It is an illustrated guide supports implementation of WHO’s recommendation for stress management – simple and easy to read for anyone who experiences stress on a daily basis.

We all have to keep in mind that right now, there are many other people in your community and all around the world who are struggling with stress.
You are definitely not alone.

Through this helpful guide, please enjoy your journey of learning how to do what matters in times of stress!

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